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Fall chores Tuesday, October 09, 2007

(left) Peter Ginn, right looks up at a birdhouse that needs cleaning out as his father, A. Peter, hands him a screwdriver to open it. (below) Peter consults his father before installing a storm window on the upper floor of his father's home in Matheson, Ontario.

While we were up in Matheson, my father and I helped his dad with some of the fall chores, like changing the screens for storm windows on the upper floor windows and cleaning out a couple of birdhouses in their back yard.

Mum helped my grandmother with the cooking and cleaning.

Anne Ginn pours "elevenses" Oct. 3 at her home in Matheson, Ontario. Life in the Ginn household seems to revolve around meals and tea: elevenses and afternoon tea time fill the gaps between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A. Peter Ginn checks the Toronto Stock Exchange results every afternoon.


Laëtitia said...

Hello Matthew !

My name is Laëtitia. I live in Quebec. I've discovered your photo blog today ... and I must say that I enjoyed very much what I have seen ! Actually, I'm also doing photojournalism with a social angle and your pictures make me travel the same way with different eyes. So it makes me feel just happy !

I like a lot the way you're reporting, very humanely ... even with images taken in your own family ! It is not always the easiest task when we know the people in front of us ... but you are very good at it.
Did you try to make believe that taking pictures is like
participating in the fall chores ?
Family and friends should always be suspicious having a photographer around them while they are working ... ha ha ha ... aren't they ?

I keep your blog + web site in my favorites in order to explore and follow your work.

Thanks for this lovely visual walk through your world. I'll surely come back.


I'm a francophone. Hope my English is okay ...

Anonymous said...

Family suspicious of having a photographer around...what photographer? All I know is that my dad has one eye and it is big and black and makes clicking sounds every so often.

TrevorJSkidmore said...

I quite enjoyed the photo blog. Having once known and grown up with Peter, it was most interesting to see him today.

Matthew said...

Thanks, Trevor. I'll let him know you stopped by.