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October 31 Thursday, November 02, 2006

A protective helmet is put on Mateo Bernal's head as he and Nikki Thanos stand locked to the door of the Mexican Consulate in Portland, Ore., on Oct. 31, 2006. They were protesting the police action in Oaxaca, Mexico. Police arrested the pair and cut the bicycle locks off their necks.

Another posting, another demonstration? Seems that way these days.

There has been unrest in Oaxaca, Mexico, since at least June when protestors forced local and state police out of the city. Since then, at least a dozen people have been killed, including an American activist/journalist. Outgoing President Vicente Fox has promised to resolve the situation before his successor takes over on Dec. 1.

The violence increased last weekend when three people were shot. Fox sent in federal police to control the situation, but the level of violence has not decreased. Police had taken control of th
e city yesterday, but just today (Nov. 2) the protestors appear to have forced them back again.

Activists in Portland have been supporting those in Oaxaca by protesting outside the Mexican Consulate. There was a demonstration planned for Oct. 31 at 4 p.m., but two protestors got things started a bit early when they locked themselves to the door of the consulate around 2 o'clock. Of course, they were arrested and charged with mischief, but they did attract media attention which, presumably, was the goal. I didn't stick around for the planned protest. Apparently there were around 70 demonstrators.

(below) Police lead Mateo Bernal away under arrest after he was cut away.