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Name that state! — Answer Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A couple of weeks ago I posted a montage of license plates I found in my neighborhood, with the state names blacked out, and challenged readers to identify the plates. If you want to try it yourself, click here before reading any further.

Thanks to everyone who played; Mum & Dad were the winners, scoring 23 out of 23. Stuart also identified all 23, but admitted that he used to help with a couple. It's an amazing site, but in the eyes of the judges that was cheating so he was disqualified. He was second anyway. Did Mum & Dad cheat? Who knows! But they didn't admit to it, so by Olympic precedent they're clear.

Here is an unredacted version of the montage. Click on it for a slightly larger version. State names are listed below, in case they are still unclear.

From left to right: (top) Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California; (row 2) Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois; (row 3) Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota; (row 4) Missouri, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina; (row 5) Tennessee, Texas, xxx, Utah; (row 6) Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin.

And, in case you were wondering, I've seen most of the rest since the original posting.