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Moving day Friday, January 05, 2007

All packed up in the living room of Stacey's NE Portland house.

Less than a year after relocating from Atlanta to Portland, Stacey found her "dream job" as the customer service rep for OutdoorPlay, a kayak and canoe outfitter based in Hood River, Ore. It's in the Columbia River gorge about 60 miles east of Portland, so it was time to move again.

Yesterday (Jan. 4) was moving day, and I was there to help (camera in hand, of course).

Stacey had just about everything packed up in rubbermaids when I got there.
(Most of the furniture in the house belonged to her housemate.) We just had to pick up the U-Haul, load it, drive to her new home, unload, and return the truck.

(right) Stacey picked out the smallest U-Haul available.

Everything went really smoothly. There was a bit of rain in the gorge as we drove, but we saw a rainbow which Stacey took to be a positive sign.

She spent last night at her old place with her cats, and today she's moving them to their new abode.

(left) Everything fit into the back of the U-Haul with room to spare. A week ago, Stacey took some of her most fragile items to Hood River in her car. The cats and her kayaks will go today.

(right) Stacey looks up the directions to her new home online.

Ideally, there would be a picture of us unloading the truck at the other end, but I was busy doing that and not taking pictures. I did promise Stacey, though, that I would get a picture of her new place when it is all neat and organized. Stay tuned ...