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Gresham Art Walk Saturday, July 14, 2007

Judy Han plants shoe poles in downtown Gresham July 9 to promote the sixth annual Gresham Art Walk. The all-local show, which features glass artist Teri Neville, is July 21.

It started back in 2002 with Judy Han and Julz Spackman tying shoes to trees and poles in downtown Gresham with signs that said "if you like me, take me, but come to the Gresham Art Walk," a new art show initiated by Han.

Virtually all of the shoes disappeared. So, says Spackman, Rob Meeker of Central Cafe suggested they nail the shoes to poles. The next year, they did just that. Since then, the "shoe poles" have become an annual tradition in downtown Gresham.

July 9, Judy and Julz were at it again, distributing dozens of poles to business owners around the Historic Downtown area. You can read more about the upcoming Art Walk on their website, or in the current edition of The Outlook.

(above) Judy Han gives a shoe pole to Irmy Powell of The Feathered Nest on Main Ave.

[Ed's note: as I made the picture of Judy and Irmy, I was concentrating on the interaction between the two ladies in the brief moment they spoke. Later, as I edited the pictures, I read the prominent sign in the window: "Sorry, we do not have a public restroom." In my submission to the paper I cropped it out because it stuck out so much, but it kind of messed up the balance of the image. What do you think?]


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the balance of the picture but it was probably wise to crop it out. In the picture, it looks like the two ladies are pointing to/talking about the sign.
-- SMG