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Street Talk 002: Black Friday Sunday, November 25, 2007

I was up at 2:45 Friday morning to shoot a Black Friday assignment for The Outlook. Being an admitted non-shopper, I was curious to know just what kind of person is out there bargain hunting in the darkest depths of night, so I brought microphone and recorder along with my camera when I visited Kohl's and Fred Meyer at NE 223rd and Glisan in Wood Village.

Among the people standing in line at Fred Meyer were three twenty-something sisters, Emily Lamarca, Martha Tracey, and Katie Tracey. These Black Friday veterans told me what the Sock Sale was all about.

(right) Katy Cartisser of Troutdale (right) braces against the wind early Friday morning as she waits for Kohl's to open its doors. Cartisser was one of dozens lined up at the Wood Village store for the 4 a.m. opening of their After-Thanksgiving sale.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading through you blog and just thought I'd comment on this one since I am one of the "20-something sisters" you interviewed. I also wanted to give you a link to one of my blogs on myspace which includes out "rules" for Black Friday Shopping.