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A new foundation Thursday, December 13, 2007

The home at 2165 NW Everett St. stands on pilings Dec. 11 as it awaits a new foundation. The single-family home, built in 1892, is being converted to three separate apartments.

Various construction activities have been going on at this place, just two doors down from my apartment, for a while now. I finally had a minute to investigate the other day. The home has been jacked up about three feet off its original foundations (which don't look very substantial), and forms have been laid for new foundations. You can find construction permit information here.

(right) Curious passers-by take photos of the home.


Matthew said...

Work continues on this project. It seems the building was not lifted simply for the new foundations, but it now sits about three feet higher than it used to, leaving a full-height space in the basement. The right half of the porch is being turned into an additional entrance, presumably for a separate apartment. And there is a For Sale sign on the wall. I don't know what the asking price is.