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Queen's Alumni celebrate cinco de mayo Monday, May 05, 2008

The Portland branch of the Queen's Alumni Association celebrated cinco de mayo Sunday with a party at the casa de "Adamo" Green (Sc'94) and "Laurrra" Argalis. The celebration featured margaritas mixed by "Julia" (Comm'99) and "Roberto Jesus Salazar," Mexican food and beer, and a homemade piñata.

[below] "Laurrra" tries to avoid the camera.

[above] "Julia" unleashes her wrath on the piñata. [below, left] The piñata wore a Cheshire grin, but the humans had the last laugh. [below, right] "Adamo" (Sc'94), "Laurrra," "Roberto Jesus Salazar," "Julia" (Comm'99), "Heatherita," "Evano" (not sure which class), and "Mateo" (Sc'96) all adopted Spanish monikers for the day.