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It's me! Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I spent a few minutes messing around with my speedlights this evening, in the only space in my apartment big enough for anything. Well, I guess I could have used my bedroom, but that would have required even more cleaning up.

My tripod is in the car, so I put the camera on my bass amp, pointed slightly upwards by a small box. The main light (camera left) was sitting on top of my CD rack; the fill (camera right) was on top of my TV. I only have three PocketWizards, one short of what I'd need to fire two lights and a remote camera, so I triggered the camera with a PocketWizard and used the CLS infrared system to fire the lights. I set off the whole thing with a PW that I triggered with my toe!

I made a whole bunch of images, but this one is probably best reflection of me right now: tired. I'm going to bed.