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Portland Christian wins soccer title Monday, November 17, 2008

Caleb Nyone (left) celebrates with his team mates after scoring against Umatilla Nov. 15 in the 46th minute of the 3A/2A/1A soccer championship in Wilsonville. Portland Christian won 1-0 to capture their first state title.

Here are a few quick images from last Saturday's small-school boys' soccer championship in Wilsonville. Portland Christian beat Umatilla 1-0 to win the state title. It was the first visit to the championships for either team.

Just to give you some idea of the degree of overkill my gear has for images destined for the internet, the lead photo (above) was shot from near the opposite net with just a 200-mm lens. I couldn't really see what was happening from back there, but I shot a few frames just for kicks. I had to crop the photo pretty severely, but even still, I downsized the photo before I put it on the web.

[left] Umatilla captain Samuel Navarrete blocks a shot in the goalmouth after Portland Christian drew keeper Juan Ayala out of position in the first half of the game. [below] Mario Anaya of Umatilla is restrained by Portland Christian keeper Keegan Rogers as he tries to chase down a ball in the box.

[right] Anaya (right) is trapped on the sideline by the Royals' Ryan Harding (left) and Jake Arntson in the second half.

You can read the game story and see more of my photos in the East Oregonian.