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Making a Christmas wish Thursday, December 18, 2008

Make-a-Wish recipient Kim Hale sits on Santa's lap Dec. 7 at Macy's in downtown Portland. The teenager, who has leukemia, was given $1800 in Macy's gift cards and the assistance of a personal shopper for the day.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oregon is in the business of making dreams come true for kids across the state. Kim Hale's special day arrived Dec. 7.

Kim arrived at Macy's around 10 a.m. with her father and sister. They were joined by three people from Make-A-Wish, four or five people from Macy's, three television crews and me. Santa Claus even made a brief appearance.

[left] A gaggle of media and others followed Kim as she moved around the store.

Kim is pretty shy, and I think it was a little overwhelming for her. I don't think the television crews got any usable audio from the three wireless mics she was wearing. But, to be fair, if someone gave me $1800 to spend at Macy's I wouldn't know where to start.

Kim's wish included a limo ride to the store, lunch downtown, and the assistance of a personal shopper for the day.

Her shopping list included a dress for an upcoming dance at her school.

Having her jeans hemmed.

Jene Hale, left, stands out of the way as his daughter tries on some outfits.

You can watch KGW's story here.