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Rainy day in the Pearl Friday, November 03, 2006

Rain, rain/wind, light rain, rain, showers, few showers, mostly cloudy, showers, showers, showers. That's the forecast for Portland weather over the next ten days.

Portland doesn't really have four seasons, just two: wet and dry. Sure, there's some transition time between the two when it can be either wet or dry, but there is no real "spring" or "fall." Setting the clocks back to standard time seems to mark the return of the rains.

The Pearl District, in NW Portland between about NW 9th Ave. and I-405, is a rapidly developing part of town. What used to be an old warehouse district just 10 or 15 years ago is now filled with trendy restaurants, hip art galleries, tony loft apartments and chic condominiums. It's the kind of place that young lawyers, architects, and dot-com executives live. I don't. But it is within walking distance, so I can take advantage of its amenities when I please.

Developers are building condomium towers in Portland's Pearl District at an incredible pace. Some people have expressed concern that the area is not family-friendly. But isn't that what the suburbs are for?

[ed's note: You may notice that I've caught up to the present with my postings. Unfortunately that means that updates won't be quite as frequent in the future. But rest assured, as new material is available, I will post it.]