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Flying home Friday, August 10, 2007

Christian Hammer catches up on his reading Aug. 10 in the business lounge at the airport in Akron, Ohio.

After a short morning shoot, Christian and I are ready to head home. However, we didn't know what time we'd be finished today when we bought our plane tickets, so we booked a 5:40 p.m. departure. We got to the airport at 11:30.

We checked, but there weren't any seats available on any earlier flights to Portland, so we're stuck here for a while.

Fortunately they have a nice, quiet business lounge available. I was able to check my emails and download the morning's photos . I couldn't burn a backup copy of the pictures, though, because the DVDs are in my checked luggage.

I like flying from smaller airports. They usually have most of the amenities of the large airports, but the lineups are shorter, the walks are shorter, the staff are more flexible and personable, and there are fewer people waiting at the luggage carousel. The only problem is that they don't necessarily have flights going directly to your destination.

From Akron, we're flying to Charlotte, N.C., to get back to Portland. Oh well.