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Shooting pets Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Marie (right) and Christian Hammer try to coax Marie's cat Amity from under her bed Wednesday during a photo shoot in Massillon, Ohio.

Photographing animals is difficult. Most of the pets you see in photos are pros--they tried out for the role and were selected because they look good and, more importantly, are comfortable in a room full of strangers telling them where to go and what to do.

For this project, we're using volunteers selected for the position.

Two days in, things are going well. We're getting good shots from all of the subjects, and it is taking a lot less time than we had alloted. Still, some of the subjects are more cooperative than others.

The cats have been particularly difficult. Yesterday's ran and hid as soon as we arrived at the house. The only thing that saved us there was the veterinarian brought along for the shoot. She was great, coaxing the cat out from behind the nightstand and cooperating long enough for us to get the images we needed.

The two cats we had today were better--they didn't run and hide until the cameras came out. They wouldn't pose for us without being held, but at least they would tolerate our presence after a while.


Unknown said...

But you're GREAT with cats!?!? Even if they do give you the sniffles.

Matthew said...

Strangely enough, I didn't have too many problems with the cats this week (allergy-wise). Maybe because I was with most of them for an hour or less.

We did have one cat that behaved quite well for us. One out of five, that is. With the dogs, seven or eight of the nine were cooperative.