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In the neighbourhood Friday, April 11, 2008

The coffee shop "Wired on Burnside" on W Burnside at 22nd highlights its main attraction in neon.

After 21 consecutive days of below average temperatures and frequent rain, the weather was finally pleasant again here in Portland. After a cool morning, it warmed up to about 70F (about 20C) and we had sunshine all day long.

So I took a few minutes this afternoon to walk around a part of my neighbourhood that I don't usually visit (it's not really between my place and anywhere I want to go). But of course I had my camera along.

I was looking for a particular shot, but I didn't get it on the first try. I went out again in the evening when the light was better, but I guess I waited a few minutes too long and the area I wanted to shoot was already in the shade of the West Hills. There was still sunlight further down Burnside St., though, so I chased it about 10 blocks towards downtown.

[left] Usually when a For Sale sign changes it says "Reduced" or "Sold." Perhaps this sign (on SW Vista near Burnside) is a reflection of the current housing market? [below] PGE Park glows in the late afternoon sunshine.

I'll have to go back another time to get the shot I was originally looking for. It's not far away, and it's not going anywhere. Stay tuned ...