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The Nehalem Experience (Part 2) Wednesday, April 23, 2008

[left] The early risers—Erin, Kate, Paul, Pierce and Jocelyn—chat in the meeting hall Saturday morning. [below] Saturday morning's agenda included a trip into town for brioche from the Bread and Ocean bakery and deli ... and not much else.

The brioche is highly recommended. They make it with cinnamon (which I had), chocolate, almond-poppyseed, brie, and sometimes brie with ham or bacon. But they only make it on Saturdays, and they go fast!

[right] There was a short sunny break around noon on Saturday, and I had a group of about four ready to go for a walk on the beach. But one person had to finish a Scrabble game first, so we waited. Then another had to pick up something at the yurt. Then a couple others wanted to join, as soon as they cleaned up their lunch stuff. And then the original three decided not to go at all. About 90 minutes after the idea was proposed, the revised group—Ben, Todd and I—started the quarter-mile trek to the beach. Then Todd stopped at the bathroom, so Ben and I waited. Then it started snowing again. We went to the beach anyway. We only stayed about five minutes.

[right] While others look on from the warmth of the meeting hall, Ben makes a graupel-man on the picnic table. [below] The rest of the afternoon consisted of playing cards, Scrabble, Connect 4, reading, and drinking beer.