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NW CanCon Headliners: Ken Tizzard Friday, July 25, 2008

Last Monday I had the chance to interview Ken Tizzard for Northwest CanCon. The former member of The Watchmen and Thornley is now touring North America with a stripped-down solo show and his CD Lost In Awe.

In the interview, Ken talks about the personal nature of his new work, the challenges of touring as an independent artist, and The Watchmen reunion shows coming to Toronto in September.

And, as a bonus for anyone living in Oregon or Washington, we have a copy of the CD to give away ... click here for details.

[I apologize for the background noise in the interview. The restaurant was kind enough to turn down the music for us before we started, but apparently they turned it up while we talked.]


ajg said...

listened to your interview - could answer the contest question - but don't live in the right area!! nice to hear your voice - M

Matthew said...

Thanks. Of course you're welcome to hear my voice any time by giving me a call.