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Dan Mangan Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vancouver musician Dan Mangan performs at the Towne Lounge in Portland, Ore., Aug. 10, 2008.

I had the opportunity to interview and photograph Vancouver singer/songwri
ter Dan Mangan last weekend, and then take in his show at the Towne Lounge.

Dan was super cool and very accommodating, to the point of helping carry some of my light stands around when we were making some portraits of him.

[right] Dan's girlfriend, Kirsten, helps him plan out his set list before the show. She traveled with him for this tour which started in New York in late July.

His gi
rlfriend has family in the Portland area, so this was a good stop for him at the end of his U.S. tour. Hopefully we'll see him back here again.

Look for the interview and more photos on Northwest CanCon later this month.

[left] Dan says he's given the "thumbs up" pose at every picture stop on this trip across the country.