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The Pack A.D. Friday, August 08, 2008

Becky Black of The Pack A.D. unleashes the lion Aug. 7 at The East End in Portland. The duo from Vancouver, B.C., is nearing the end of a six-week U.S. tour. Their second album, Funeral Mixtape, will be released Aug. 12.

Here's a sneak preview of something that will appear on Northwest CanCon in the next couple of days. I caught The Pack A.D.'s show at The East End tonight, and talked to them afterward. It was a short set for them, the second of the day after driving from Bozeman, Mont., and there were only a handful of fans there to see them.

This is a terribly cliche thing to say, but let me tell you, these girls know how to rock, and rock hard. It's been said elsewhere, but this is a band you ought to see now while it's still pretty cheap.

[right] Maya Miller bashes the skins as Becky growls.