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The new home Tuesday, August 11, 2009

As many of you know, Perrie and I moved last weekend. In spite of the unexpected challenge of the annual Bridge Pedal (which closed or restricted access to numerous roads in the area Sunday morning), with the help of eight awesome friends we managed to get everything from both of our apartments into the house in less than six hours.

Now, surrounded by a sea of boxes, we're trying to figure out a) just how many ladles, waffle irons and VCRs a house really needs, b) where we can put the stuff we're keeping, and c) which box the bath mat is in.

Having been built in 1927 and unoccupied for a couple of months prior to our arrival (and previously inhabited by some college kids), the house has some quirks to be sure. We couldn't get the box spring upstairs to our bedroom, so we just put the mattress on the floor for now. The kitchen cupboards are large, but very low to the counter, so there isn't much practical workspace. The dryer vents into the garage—or at least it will once I reconnect the ducts, which were only secured by good will. But we have an awesome backyard (once it gets watered again), my office is about four times the size it used to be, and the neighbourhood is really cool.

I'll put up some more interior photos once the house gets a bit more organized (it may take a while). Tonight I'll be doing some cleaning up at the old place. Then it's back to unpacking here.


Jef said...

Congratulations Matt...and you can never have too many ladles.

Unknown said...

ladles yes. But Mel and I still have 3 colour bubble printers and 3 toaster ovens from when we combined households 4 years ago.