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Thomas Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pets in general, and particularly cats, are notoriously hard to photograph. (I talked about that in an earlier post about shooting pets.) But Perrie's cat Thomas is clearly getting used to having me around.

The other day he was sleeping on his "Kitty Hooch" while we ate dinner. The light was decent and he looked pretty cute, so I grabbed a camera. I started out pretty wide. He opened his eyes but didn't seem bothered by the lens or shutter noise, so I kept getting closer. And closer. And closer. He just stayed there and let me get pretty "up close and personal."

Then, when I couldn't really get any closer, he started to pose! He just let me keep snapping away without any concern for the big black thing staring at him. I think his interest in the process outlasted mine.

I think Thomas is about 4 years old. Perrie adopted him shortly after she moved to Portland. Like the orange cat in Calvin and Hobbes, Thomas is named for the 17th century philosopher Thomas Hobbes.