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Garage sale Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We couldn't get our stuff together in time to have a garage sale before we moved, so we brought all of it to our new place, added a whole bunch more from another friend, and had a garage sale at our new place. Of course it helped that, unlike our old apartments, we actually have a garage here!

The sale date was picked about a month in advance, and sure enough, we picked the only rainy day in a two-week period. I think the drizzle kept a lot of potential customers away, but we got rid of a bunch of stuff.

The highlight was the pirates who plundered our booty and bought out our supply of decorative skulls and skeletons. "Lickety Split" and "Ugly" were in the neighbourhood from Seattle for the annual Pirate Festival.


Carley said...

Those pirate are awesome! They came to the right place!