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Summer Cotillion (and pie fight) Monday, September 28, 2009

OK, so I've been a really bad blogger lately. I'll try to catch up a bit this week, starting with an event that Perrie and I attended almost a month ago. But first the back story...

When Perrie and I got the keys to our new house we had about 24 hours to do some cleaning before all of our stuff got in the way. Washing windows and cleaning toilets isn't exactly a rock'n'roll way to spend a Friday night, but it was urgent and desperately needed.

About 8 that night we heard a knock at our door. The visitor introduced herself as Marilyn, our neighbour behind our backyard, and gave us a flier and tickets to an event they were hosting in a couple of weeks: the "2nd Annual Summer Cotillion (and pie fight)." Naturally we were curious so we looked up cotillion and marked the date on our calendar.

On the appointed day, we arrived fashionably late to find the party in full swing. Judging for the pie decorating contest was under way (right), followed by a live demonstration on how to properly throw a pie (your choice of cream—shaving or whipped). Then the real fun began as kids (young and not-so-young) had the opportunity to throw their creations at one another.

The event was a benefit for the Nomadic Theatre Co., who practice in the old church behind our house. Here are a few more pictures from the pie fight (and aftermath).

[left] Dressed in an outfit made of garbage bags, Sarah Liane Foster braces for the impact of Michael O'Neill's pie Aug. 29 at the 2nd Annual Summer Cotillion in Portland. The two members of the Nomadic Theatre Co. were demonstrating the correct way to throw (and receive) a pie. [below] Nomadic Theatre Co.'s Heather Pearl revels in the aftermath of an intense pie battle.