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A Canadian-Mexican wedding Monday, April 23, 2007

To the delight of their guests, Alberto Garcia Roman (left) and Anne Ginn plow their face into the cake Apr. 21, 2007, at their wedding in Ocoyoacac, Mexico.

My sister, Anne (aka "Annie") married Alberto Garcia Roman on Saturday, at a private garden near their home in Ocoyoacac, Mexico. People came and went, but there were probably 75 people there at one time or another—a small wedding, by Mexican standards. Anne´s parents (Peter and Alison), two brothers (Matthew and Stuart), and Stuart´s girlfriend (Sue) represented the Canadian side of the equation. The rest of the guests were family and friends from Mexico.

Ocoyoacac is just west of Mexico City, near Toluca.

I have plenty of photos from the wedding and the preparations therefor, but those will have to wait for another day.

(right) Anne and Alberto dance their first dance. (below) Anne tears up as she says her vows. (bottom) Alberto´s daughter, Dhamar, 8, led the procession.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matthew,
Great pictures of Ann & Alberto! Your parents directed us to your blog. Looking forward to seeing everyone in July.
Pauline & Rob Ralston, Chatham

Anonymous said...

What a great wedding! Thanks for the pictures and your comments. Debbie Eilers, Phoenix, Az