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From one OC to the other Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Yesterday, I was taking pictures in Oregon City. Today, it's the other OC--Orange County, California.

I'm here at the Crowne Plaza hotel (left) in Irvine for Sports Shooter Academy IV. It will be my home for the next few days, although I will be traveling around the area, from Long Beach to La Habra.

The first early bird session begins in a few minutes, with the main action starting tonight. Look for lots of sports shots ... if I have time to post them.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of the hotel's neighborhood (below). Maybe there's more to it than that, but from what I've seen, it's all low-rise office buildings and 8- to 10-lane roads. The star attraction, right around the corner from the hotel: Taco Bell world HQ. I wonder what they have in their cafeteria?


Unknown said...

It looks warm and sunny there! Nice!

Matthew said...

I think the weather has actually been better in Portland ... most of the time it's been overcast and about 70 degrees (forecast for Portland was sunny and 77 or something yesterday). Whatever, Portland's supposed to be back in the 50's Monday when I get home.