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Volleyball Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Long Beach State's Tommy Pestolesi (left) and Teddy Liles get ready to block Ernie Vidinha's spike in the 49ers' match against the University of Hawaii Apr. 6 in Long Beach. Hawaii held on to beat Long Beach 30-27, 30-20, 22-30, 27-30, 19-17.

The last event for me Friday was an indoor volleyball game, still at Long Beach. As mentioned previously, I'd never shot volleyball before (which is one of the reasons I went), and it showed in the results.

After shooting a bunch of uninspired shots from the stands behind one back line, I moved around to the sideline. I found this big banner for "Beach" and tried to use it as a background. I was hoping for a Long Beach player to spike under it, but the plays always came from the left of it, or the right. After waiting for the better part of a game for that to happen, I gave up and started shooting the Hawaii players spiking under it. This was the best frame from that attempt, but it's still the back of the guy's head.

The shot I had in mind might be there, but you'd probably need a 400mm lens from up in the back line stands to my right. Oh well.