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Bowling in St. Helens Monday, September 24, 2007

We couldn't wait for the curling season to start, so last Wednesday we got the team (Pierce Henley, Erin Eide, Christian Hammer and me) together for a night of bowling at Oregon Trail Lanes in St. Helens, Ore. (St. Helens is about 25 miles north of Portland). It was a fun night. The three games we played were 10-pin games number 2, 3, and 4 of my illustrious career. (I did play a few 5-pin games in Canada when I was a kid, but that's a much different game.)

I think I did alright considering the extent of my previous experience ... 71, 79, and 92 over the three games.

Of course, I brought my camera along. Here are some of the images.


AudreyLinden said...

"Heads are okay".

Love it!!