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Volleyball multimedia presentation Friday, September 21, 2007

Last Tuesday evening I went to the volleyball game between Gresham High School and Centennial High School. I brought my audio gathering gear along as well as my cameras. I wasn't especially optimistic about how the sound would turn out, but I had to try it to know for sure.

So here is my first ever attempt at a multimedia presentation. It isn't perfect by any means, but it is a lot better than I expected.

It is really tricky, I must say, trying to manage both a camera and a microphone. I didn't try to do both at once, but that meant some compromises. For example, I recorded the singing of the national anthem ... but I don't have any photos to go with that, so it doesn't show up in the slide show. And needless to say, the sound you hear didn't happen at the time the pictures were taken, the pictures aren't in chronological order, and neither are the sound clips.

Indeed, this experiment has taught me a lot about just how different it is trying to make an audio-visual presentation than simply photograph the game. Putting together the show, I wish I had made some crowd pictures. Even though I was concentrating on Gresham, I wish I had more shots of Centennial. And, and, and ...

Still, I'm pretty happy with the results ... for a first attempt.

For the record, the players pictured include: Gresham—Kyra Speer, Jane Moesche, Chandra Baskoro, Amiee Frutchey, Kelsey Franklin, Courtney Pattock, Olivia Shropshire, Amy Wooten, Britani Hathorn, Hannah Leithem, Taylor Richardson and Lori Anderson (coach); Centennial—Lindsey Boren, Alyssa Hall, Brynn Taylor, Vanity Massey, Calisa Yun, Andrea Jones, and Amanda Rangal.