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Soccer: Centennial 4, Barlow 2 Thursday, September 06, 2007

Shadows chase the ball in Barlow High School's soccer game at Centennial Sept. 6 in Gresham. Centennial won the game 4-2.

I had my first opportunity to shoot a soccer game tonight. Not surprisingly, I had less-than-stellar results.

As well as the same lighting challenges I faced in last week's football game, I had to deal with a sport that moves much less predictably than football. And, as with the football game, I had about half of the telephoto reach that I would have liked.

I'll post another photo after the paper runs something on Saturday, but here's a fortuitous accident that I kind of like. The un-cropped version of the photo includes the players, but that was a nothing photo. Cropping them out, though, revealed this little gem.