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A couple of Kenogami photos Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Grandmum's cottage" sticks out among the trees on Kenogami Lake. The main cottage is hidden by the trees behind the white building.

It is hard to get a good picture of the main Ginn cottage at Kenogami because it is tucked among the spruce and pines. They keep the cabin cool and private, but there are still selected views of the lake.

Peter Ginn stands among footprints painted on the kitchen floor. Years ago, my grandmother had all of the grandchildren dip their feet in paint and step on the floor. She and my grandfather also added their own footprints. Later, when they had to repaint the floor, she made stencils of them so that the feet could be re-applied. The footprints move from time to time. In their current configuration they depict people working in different parts of the kitchen.


jplant said...

Hello Matthew
What a great website. I found it as I am searching for a cottage on Kenogami - I grew up there.
We haven't seen Peter and Ann in a few years. My husband Chad is from Matheson and we used to see your grandparents every week in church. Peter always played with my daughters who were babies (they are now 3 and 5). Please say hello to them for us - I hope they are doing well. Jen Plant

Matthew said...

Hi Jen,

My grandparents moved to Kingston in 2008 to be closer to the rest of the family. I'll pass on your greetings.