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People, coming and going Friday, October 12, 2007

Anne and Alberto head to the departures level at Pearson International's new Terminal 1 Sunday to catch a flight back to Mexico.

Any event that brings a large, mature family together these days means a lot of people coming and going from various parts of the world.

Ken and Magda Davey's 60th wedding anniversary celebrations brought 24 family members to Toronto from England, the United States, and Mexico, as well as other parts of Canada.

Listen to Magda describe all the people expected for the event:

Of course, people arriving means people leaving again. Of the out-of-town guests, Anne and Alberto were the first to depart at lunchtime on Sunday. Some of the English guests left Sunday evening. My parents left Monday morning, as did Stuart and Sue. Gillian left Monday night, I think, and I came back here Wednesday evening. Stanley, Ann, and Pat should have left today.

(left) Anne hams it up for the camera as she hugs her mother goodbye.