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Marmot Dam no more Monday, October 22, 2007

Water runs through the natural course of the Sandy River Oct. 19 for the first time in nearly 100 years, after PGE workers allowed the river to breach the Marmot Dam. The main dam was demolished in July. The remaining coffer dam was dismantled Friday when last week's rains brought up water flows in the river.

I spent several hours out at the Marmot Dam site on Friday. The early part of the day was unexpectedly sunny and warm, but later it poured hard for about 3 hours. Fortunately it let up just before the main event.

Check out for more about the largest dam removal project on the West Coast in more than 40 years. Many of these photos are mine.


AudreyLinden said...

Is the dam named after the animal??

Matthew said...

I suppose it is, although I'm not aware of any in the area.