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The Nehalem Experience (Part 5) Saturday, April 26, 2008

[left] Sunday morning, Pierce Henley was back in the kitchen again. [below] Joe and Kate Mitchoff enjoy breakfast in the sunshine.

On the way home, Ben, Todd and I stopped at Oswald West State Park (right), just up the coast from Manzanita. It's another nice place to camp (more primitive than Nehalem) and the beach is popular with surfers.

I don't know why the "west" is in the name—there isn't any "Oswald East State Park."

And we were back in town around 3, just in time for Ben and Todd to head off to Footy training.


Jef said...

Oswald West is named for a guy. Not just any guy, though. It was Gov. Oswald West back in 1913 who declared Oregon's beaches as public highways, thus preserving them forever for public use. No greedy old developer can put up a "private property, no trespassing sign'' below high tide line in Oregon, thanks to the wizardry of Oz. The only other state that I know of with 100 percent public beaches is Hawaii, not bad company for us to have.

Jef said...

Sorry...I posted that before I was able to cite it...I meant to say, here is where the beach got it's name and why it doesn't have an "east" beach.

Source is

Matthew said...

Damn, that's too obvious ... I guess I should have looked it up. Thanks!