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Headliners: Po' Girl Saturday, September 27, 2008

My interview with Po' Girl is online now at Northwest CanCon. You can find it here.

The whole thing was set up in a bit of a hurry—I didn't get confirmation on the interview until less than 12 hours before it happened, and I was committed to sleeping for about seven of those.

We met at the Ace Hotel in downtown Portland, where the girls were staying. I'd never been there before, and I didn't have time to scout it out ahead of time.

The hotel desk staff said I was welcome to do the interview in the lobby but I couldn't do photos in the hotel without arranging it in advance and signing a contract.

No problem. After the interview, Allison, Awna and I stepped outside and found a convenient wall right across the street. Not the most original portraits, but not bad for five minutes of prep.

[left] Allison Russell (left) and Awna Teixeira of Po' Girl are close friends as well as band mates.