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Street of Dreams 2008 Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not much to say about these ... some interior images I shot last week at one of the homes on this year's Street of Dreams. This home was built by KDC Custom Homes.

[left] I thought this one looked cool in sepia, and I added a bit of grain as well. [below] A shot of the garden in front of the home.

In other news from last week, I interviewed Elsiane on Friday for the next Headliners feature on Northwest CanCon. Later that night I saw them perform at the Wonder Ballroom. Elsiane was excellent.

Delerium, another Canadian act, is headlining the tour. They don't have any official singers; they're touring with Kristy Thirsk who often sings with them, and Leigh Nash whom you might remember as the lead singer for Sixpence None The Richer. I got a chance to say hi to her after the show, which was cool. Delerium's show was ... mostly fantastic, with one major problem. I'll write about that later this week on Northwest CanCon when I post the Elsiane interview.