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Fridge full of lettuce Friday, April 27, 2007

Anne Ginn´s fridge is chock full of lettuce Apr. 19 in anticipation of her wedding Saturday afternoon.

Just before I left for Mexico, Anne sent me, my parents and brother an email describing the plans for picking us up at the airport and proposed sleeping arrangements while we were in Mexico. She also mentioned something about not having any room in her fridge because it was full of lettuce for the wedding. It seemed an odd thing to mention, and it piqued my curiosity.

Turns out, she wasn´t kidding. I had to take a picture.

We didn´t do very much Thursday. After breakfast Mum & Dad and I went for a walk into the town of Ocoyoacac (Anne´s place is kind of on the edge), and we wandered around the downtown area a bit.

Anne and Alberto went into the city to pick up Stuart and Sue. We were expecting them back home around 3, so we had a simple lunch there and waited. And waited, and waited (see previous posting). It turns out that Alberto gave Stuart and Sue a bit of a tour of Mexico City, and they didn´t actually arrive until well into the evening. We said hello, and went to bed to the sound of barking dogs.

Peter and Alison Ginn pass time Apr. 19 in Anne and Alberto´s living room, waiting for Stuart and Sue to arrive.