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May 1—Labor Day in Mexico Friday, May 11, 2007

Anne and Alberto live in a typical Mexican house.

I didn't know it until about three days before, but May 1 is Labor Day in Mexico, a holiday for most people. Anne had the day off, so I couldn't follow her to work that day. In fact, we didn't do a whole lot that day.

I had some running around to do, as did she, so we went to the Soriano, a large department store in an American-style mall on the road to Toluca. I bought a bottle of tequila to bring home, and she left some digital photos to be printed.

Then we went off to the market in Santiago Tianguistenco where I bought a couple t-shirts, she bought a t-shirt and toilet paper.

We also had lunch there, a fantastic meal of tacos bought from a vendor in the market. Picture this—a large plate full of chicken, pork and sausage, with grilled onions, French fries and nopales, plus as many tortillas and as much salsa (three different types) as you needed, all for 40 pesos. Add in a couple of horchatas for another 5 pesos each, and you've stuffed two bellies for less than $5.

And that was the big event of the day.