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Sports Shooter update Thursday, May 17, 2007

Max Gorman of Hood River Valley puts some body English on his putt on the 13th hole Tuesday.

I don't have much to say today. But I did update my Sports Shooter page this morning with some images from the golf tournament I shot on Tuesday. You can check it out at

As a special bonus, here are a couple that I didn't put on that page.

It was fun watching these kids play. They are a lot more emotive than the pro golfers I usually avoid watching on TV. I wish I could have followed Max Gorman (right) around all day. Every time I saw him, he was bending and twisting and verbally coaxing the ball to go where he wanted. You don't get a whole lot of jubilation out of them—I saw one fist pump all day, and barely a smile on the winner's face after he finished—but you do see frustration on a regular basis. And these kids can play: all of them can hit below their weight (which is more than I can do), and the best shoot rounds close to par on a regular basis. Two hit holes-in-one on the first day of the tournament, and there were six rounds below par, including Philip Bagdade's superb 66 on day 2.

A course official explains the rules about broken clubs to Will Guitteau Tuesday after he played two strokes with a putter he had broken in frustration on the previous hole. The freshman from Grant High School was disqualified because of the infraction.