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OSAA Track & Field Saturday, May 19, 2007

Girls compete in the 100-meter hurdles Saturday at the 3A state track & field championships in Monmouth, Ore.

I spent the day covering the OSAA small-school track & field championships in at Western Oregon University in Monmouth (west of Salem) for a selection of papers from across the state.

This (right) is probably my coolest shot of the day. None of the athletes in this photo are from any of "my" schools, but it was a practice for the next event which did have one of my girls.

Unfortunately, when the "real" photo came around, the race was less competitive—the girls in the middle were well ahead of those in the outside lanes, and the girl I needed a photo of was on the far side of the track. It wasn't a big deal, because she didn't win, but it still would have been a nice photo for the paper.

I'm off to bed now, but if I have time later I might post a few more photos from the event.