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Wedding day Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Alberto Garcia Roman works on his car Apr. 21, hours before he was to get married.

Like every morning in Ocoyoacac (at least at this time of year), wedding day dawned cool and clear. Everybody was busy making last minute preparations, including the bride and groom. Alberto, in particular, had a lot to do—fix the car bumper, check that the wedding site had been prepared properly, take the beverages to the wedding site, buy shoes, get washed and dressed, and get on the horse-drawn carriage by 12:30. He made it.

So did Anne, who helped put the chicken dinners together before getting herself ready and having a portrait session.

Even Alberto's father, Agostin, found time to plant a row or two of corn in the field behind their house.

(left) Angie (right) and Dafne watch Anne put on her shoes in the bedroom at her neighbor's house. Downstairs, the other women were putting together the last chicken dinners for the wedding.

(below) Dafne watches Anne put on her makeup.

For more on the wedding itself, see here.


Sebastian said...

Could you please, please, please forward my congratulations to Annie? This is Sebastian, from Montreal. I haven't heard from her since August of 2006. So I hope things are going well for her, and Alberto.


Matthew said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I forwarded your message to Anne. I assume she has some way of contacting you.

Sebastian said...

Thank you very much. If you need to, remind her that my email address is or

And tell her that the weather in Montreal has been an unbelievable yoyo recently.