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Lost in translation Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Shortly after the wedding (perhaps on the way home, I can't remember), it occurred to me that in the excitement of the wedding (and in the absence of a formal photo session between the ceremony and reception) we hadn't made any portraits of just Alberto and Anne. We had photos of them with every family that attended, and "action shots" taken during the ceremony and reception, but no formal portraits.

So I made arrangements with them to go to a park in Toluca
the following Sunday to correct the situation.

Anne didn't have her shawl anymore (mum had taken it back to Canada), but otherwise they look pretty much as they did the day of the wedding.

Anne suggested the park as a nice setting, and we figured there wouldn't be many people there on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Boy, were we wrong! I don't know if it's a routine thing or not, but there was some kind of festival going on, with people dressed up in mascot costumes, vendors of all kinds, and kids running all over the place.

We managed to find a few select locations that weren't completely strewn with garbage or dead foliage, and spent about 45 minutes making portraits.

The portrait above will probably go down as the "official" wedding portrait. But I like this one (right), which seems more like the crazy couple they are. I think Anne was reacting to Alberto's laughter which, I believe, was in response to some direction I'd given them. I'm not sure, though, whether he thought the direction itself was funny, or just the way I said it in Spanish.

OK, that should be it for wedding photos.


Sebastian said...

Very beautiful pictures. Need I say more?