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April 12 Thursday, October 19, 2006

The aptly-named Will Power guides his Team Australia Champ Car around the track in testing at Portland International Raceway on Apr. 11, 2006. As well as a Champ Car race, PIR hosts an American Le Mans series race and numerous smaller events. The track is also popular for wet-weather testing, especially early or late in the season, because there is a high probability of rain. There was a bit of rain the night before this testing session, but the track was pretty well dry by the time the drivers took the course.

Champ Car racing, which is still in direct competition
with Indy Car racing, is working hard to improve the fan experience. For that reason, during testing, fan access to the pits and drivers is stunningly good. I don't remember if I even had to pay to get in, but I just walked through the gates into the pit area and started taking pictures.

(right) Sebastian Bourdais takes his car around the final turn at PIR. (below) No, not Danica Patrick—she drives in Indy. This is Katherine Legge speaking to the media.

Cristiano da Matta (above) is very short.