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June 23 Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A shameless plug for Homestead Images:

Building a new home is the biggest investment of your life. Don't let it fade away ... document it!

Because I live essentially in downtown Portland, I can get to most of the places I need to by walking. The quickest route to Pioneer Courthouse Square (about 1 mile) takes me right past PGE Park, the main baseball/soccer/football stadium in Portland. That's also the location of the nearest MAX (light rail) station, so I walk past there on a regular basis.

A condominium building is currently under construction right beside the stadium. One day, back in April, I walked by the site and thought, wouldn't it be cool to get a job photographing the construction of a building like that? So I started thinking about what qualifications or experience I would need to get such a gig. It occurred to me that home construction might be the place to start. So I started looking into the possibility of offering photographic services to people building custom homes. As best I can tell, nobody is offering that service anywhere else.

So, if you are building a new home in the Portland metro area, check us out. We offer services to fit almost any budget.

You photographed your wedding. You photographed your graduation day. Your children. Your dog. Does your new home deserve any less?