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September 10 Friday, October 27, 2006

About a month before I made my trip back to Canada I received an email out of the blue from my friend Keith Carter (left, with his wife, Ann). Keith and I were best friends growing up in Acton, Ont., pretty much from birth (mine, he's older) until I moved to Timmins at age 14. After that, we lost touch.

But thanks to the marvels of the internet, Keith managed to track me down and sent off an email. He lives in Mississauga now, and since I was going to be in the Toronto area, I suggested we get together. He met me near my grandparents' house in Etobicoke with no particular plan in mind, so we made a spontaneous trip back to Acton (about 45 minutes drive). That's only the second time I've been there since we moved, and the first time in about nine years.

After that, we went back to his place for dinner and video games. Keith kicked our butts on the guitar-playing simulator, but I got him back with the martial arts game. Ann beat us both at that one.