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June 17 Monday, October 23, 2006

One of the benefits of living in Portland is the Ultimate scene. Ultimate is a game between two teams of 7 (plus substitutes) played on a field about the size of a soccer pitch. Basically, you have to pass the disc (Frisbee or other brand) from player to player until you reach the end zone. You can't run with the disc, and if you don't catch a pass, it causes a turnover.

Portland's league is not quite as big as the league in Ottawa, but it is alive and well. I played in the spring rec league this year, and the year-end tournament was held on June 17. Our team (Urine, after the colour of our shirts) didn't win very often but we did win the team spirit award for having the most fun.

Some of the members of our team and another team wanted to sign up for the summer league, but it was full before we got our entry in. So we started a pickup game, which I played in most of the summer. Now, I'm playing in the Fall league under the lights at Delta Park in North Portland. Thankfully, it's an artificial turf field, so it won't be muddy once the rains come.