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May 29 Saturday, October 21, 2006

Memorial Day weekend brings the Multnomah County Fair to Portland, and that means it's time for the Dachsie Dash! That's right, 36 dachsunds—wiener dogs—were racing down a 100-foot course for the title. Released from greyhound chutes, they raced in heats of 6. The top two dogs in each heat advanced to the semifinal, and the top three dogs in each of those races advanced to the championship race.

(above) Avie Warren with dachsund Selah (10 mos.). Selah was not entered in the race, but came to visit with the
other dogs.

(left) Tiko, a two-year-old dachsund, streaks toward handler Jaimie Petrone in the 2006 Dachsie Dash at the Multnomah County Fair in Portland, Ore., on May 29, 2006. Tiko won the heat but was eliminated in the semi-final round.

Some of the handlers take the race more seriously than others. Many train their dogs specifically for the race. (below) Handlers call their dogs to the finish line. Even though the event is just for fun and the prizes are small, the competition between handlers can be fierce—probably beyond the dogs' level of understanding.