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July 31 Wednesday, October 25, 2006

(above) Minoru Park, Richmond, BC

My three-day trip to Ontario required three additional days of travel. I didn't have to take a red eye flight back west, but the itinerary did include a 21-h
our layover in Vancouver. I didn't actually go downtown, I just got a hotel in Richmond (right by the airport), did a bit of photo work on my laptop, and wandered around a bit. The area I was in was pretty typical downtown suburbia, i.e. not a residential neighbourhood, but no high rises or anything. Just a whole lot of three- and four-storey hotels, chain pubs, and a mall. But, right behind my hotel, was a beautiful park, with a lake, lots of flowers, paths, and two separate lawn bowling pitches. It was also full of these little bunnies that were as tame as the squirrels you find in other parks.