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August 7 Thursday, October 26, 2006

(above) Steve Kaufman, chair of Save Cedar Mill, smiles after Beaverton city council voted 5-0 against Wal-Mart's plans to build a 152,000 square foot store in the community. (Originally published in the Beaverton Valley Times)

The Pacific Northwest has probably the lowest Wal-Mart density of anywhere in North America. Naturally, the folks in Bentonville want to change that. They had hoped to build a new store at the Cedar Hills Blvd. exit of US-26 in Beaverton. The local citizens had different ideas, though. They convinced all five members of Beaverton's city council to vote against the proposal, in spite of the recommendation of the city officials, who had approved Wal-Mart's plans. Initially, Wal-Mart indicated that it would appeal the decision but they have since decided not to drag the fight out any longer.

(right) Wal-Mart lawyer Gregory Hathaway speaks at a well-attended Beaverton City Council meeting.

(left) Beaverton Mayor Rob Drake explains his position on the proposed Wal-Mart.