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May 17 Friday, October 20, 2006

Mentor becomes mentee: On May 17, I took my friend Gary Weber out for a crash course in digital photography. I met Gary back in January when I took his course "Newsphotography: Exposed!" at Portland Community College. Since then, his guidance and critiques have been invaluable.

Gary used to shoot for a number of papers and organizations, including UPI and AFP, and was also the team photographer for the Milwaulkee Bucks and later the Portland Trailblazers NBA franchises. But he doesn't have much experience with shooting digital pictures, which are a fact of life in photojournalism these days. So we went out around downtown Portland playing with my cameras on a sunny spring day.

Gary is starting up his own blog ... see the links on the side menu.


Gary Weber said...

Thanks for mentioning me(and my blog)and it's a pleasure to see you progress and succeed. I'm certain someday you'll be speaking at one of my PJ classes, or dare I say, someone else's! Until then, keep up the good attitude and work--GW